5 Ways to Care for Your Wedding Vendors | Lexington Photographer

Over the years as a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the very best clients EVER. I have been shown unbelievable kindness, treated as family, and formed precious friendships! I could never express how thankful I am!

As wedding vendors, we understand what a priceless and momentous day it is for you. We do our very best to be sure that you are taken care of- most often way beyond our hired services. It is SO appreciated when those sentiments are extended back to us. Today, I’m going to share some of the ways that clients have made me feel appreciated and cared for, and how you can extend these things to your own wedding photographer and other vendors.


Trust us with the service you are hiring us for. It is so important that the wedding vendors your hire align with your vision. Do your research! Browse their website and social media accounts. Get to know what kind of “vibe” you’re after, then hire a vendor that embodies that and trust them! An experienced vendor will know exactly what to do.


Assign a seat for us at the reception. It seems like a simple gesture, but this is one of the biggest ways that you can make your vendors feel appreciated and cared for! It’s always such a treat to see my name on a seating chart. No one wants to be searching for dinnerware or a place to eat their meal.


Verbalize your appreciation. After the wedding- or after you have received your wedding gallery!- let us know how much you appreciated the services offered to you. Trust me, we are waiting to hear from you! Speaking as a photographer, the work that I produce is a part of me and my art. Nothing will make my day more than hearing that you are happy with what we’ve made together!


Share about us on social media and leave a review. Are you blown away? Write a post detailing specifically what you loved and tag us! Leave a review on Facebook, Wedding Wire, etc. When you share photos, give us credit by tagging our business pages or linking our websites. For most of us, the majority of our business comes from word of mouth. Not only will you make our day, but you’re likely showing other interested potential clients that we are a great option and helping our businesses to thrive!


Refer us to your friends. Beyond social media, talk about us in real life to your engaged friends! If you hear someone talking about hiring wedding vendors- be sure to throw our name in there! We’ll be sure to thank you later!


Thank you for inviting us into this beautiful milestone in your lives. We appreciate you so much!

Several images pictured above were photographed as a second shooter with Amy Wallen Photography.